Friday, April 3, 2009

Excited...DT for My Sketch World!

I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to post this yet. I was lucky to be asked to be on the layout DT for My Sketch World. I did my first layout for the April 1st reveal and you can see it here. I am excited to have a new way to express myself creatively and I really enjoy the monthly sketches that Lucy does at MSW. Make sure to check it out!

Also, new news! I have two offers on two different houses. One is a short sale and those take a long time to hear back on, it has been more than a month and we are still waiting for a formal response. The other is a foreclosure and we just heard back yesterday with a counter offer that was not too much significantly different than the original offer, only just a few minor differences. However, the bank does have multiple offers on the house. What is promising is that the bank didn't change my price offer in their counter, only just a few minor details. For example, closing in 45 days rather than 60 days. We submitted our counter offer and now we wait to hear. I am anxious! My stomach turns in a flurry when I think about it.


Kandi said...

Congratulations on DT and good luck on the house situation! It's a good time to be a buyer!

Have a gret weekend!

Kandi said...

That's "great" weekend, lol.

GinniG said...

Oh Carrie!!! Congrats on the house buying!!! You're quite the busy lady these days. :) Hope you get the house of your dreams and SOON! Sending up prayers and good vibes for ya!

Jackie said...

Carrie, congrats on being on the DT for MSW I am looking forward to your inspiration.
Best wishes with the house, I hope you get the one you prefer. :)