Monday, April 6, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

I heard back on my home offers today. The home that I wanted, and of course there are always pluses and minuses to homes, I didn't get. The bank accepted the other offer. Bummer!!!!! However, the other home I had an offer on, which I made the offer more than a month ago, did call back and say that they were accepting my offer. Now, I have some decisions to make. Again, there are ALWAYS pluses and minuses, right? The biggest drawbacks are that the home is smaller and in order to make it more livable for me and my family and my life, I would need to build on another bathroom and an office/scraproom. The other drawback is that it means changing school districts. For many families, that is not a major thing but for us, it is.

The school district we would be moving into does not contract with the therapeutic school that Jovanna attends. I am expecting that it will be a battle to either keep her at her current placement or to find a different appropriate placement. That could mean that Jovanna is not attending a school placement for a number of months or that the placements that the school district are willing to look at may not be appropriate for her. She is so fragile that the implications of these things could be devastating.

Well, I have a day to make my decision. Do I want to take on the battle? It's not like I could just keep looking. The number of homes in my price range are not very many and the good ones get swooped up real quick by investors paying in cash. I actually believe the market is beginning to turn around and very soon houses will be out of my reach again. Oh goodness! I hate these kind of decisions!

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Lucy Chesna said...

good luck on this carrie...hard decisions but I know you will do great for your family. Blessings