Sunday, August 31, 2008

Been Dabbling in Sketches again...

I've been dabbling again in sketching! I really want to learn how to do sketches in PS and feel like I really understand what I am doing. This is my latest sketch and I was happy that it only took me about 10 minutes whereas the other sketches I have done in the past took me about an hour. So, it must be getting easier for me! Here it is! Hope it inspires you to create a layout or try sketching for yourself!

I created this additional sketch today also! On a roll! And a sample layout using the sketch and the upcoming September Scrapdango Sugar Kit featuring Piggytales Itsy Bitsy Spider line!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where does life go?

I visited my blog recently only to realize that is has been since June that I added anything! I was dumbfounded by that! I thought there must be something wrong because I was sure that I had been on my blog since June! Life just seems to be whirling by at tornado speeds. Wish I could find a way to slow time and have more of it to relax and enjoy life. I've lost my mojo amidst the tornado also. I think about scrapping and I get this "Blah" feeling come over me. I am thinking that if I spend some time organizing and cleaning up my scrap mess which is a complete cluster all over my kitchen table that maybe I will want to dig in and find my MIA mojo once again.