Saturday, March 14, 2009

I just finished my new book...

I highly recommend the book I told you about, "Winning Against the Wackos in your Life". If you have a hard time spotting those unhealthy people who attach themselves to you (until its too late), then this is the book for you. I am going to be more alert for certain signs when I first meet people so that I can avoid the pain and suffering that follows.

I learned more about the things about myself that attracts unhealthy people. I have to watch for the signs, look at how they treat others and listen to the things they say that give off the warning signs. I also had to really let it sink in that I am never going to be the exception for how a Wacko treats other people - they will do it to me too.

Good practical tips on how to deal with those unhealthy people you may have to come into contact with in the workplace or within your own family.

Get the book if you feel like you fall prey to Wackos in your life!