Thursday, January 21, 2010

CK and Me

I have been having a really rough week. I will spare you the details but I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon to get an email about one of my layouts being featured on CK and Me. Follow the link to that feature...

It's been awhile...

Life has been so busy. We lost our sweet Zoee two weeks ago. That was a really tough thing for our family. We really miss her. When I come in the door and I don't have her waiting for me right there, excited to see me and her chain jingle-jangling...when we are cooking and she's not right at our feet waiting for either things that drop or for us to throw her some scraps...when I get up in the morning and we don't follow our everyday routine of going outside together and then immediately feeding her (cuz if you don't feed her immediately she lets you know) many things we are all missing about our sweet Zoee.

I have opened the Camera Art studio in Hillsboro and we had the Portland Bridal Show last weekend. Wow! What an event that was! It was my first time setting up the display and having to figure out how to do that. It comes with about 6 panels and you only need 4 to set up our 10 foot booth. I discovered after setting it up the night before that I grabbed the wrong pieces that fit the 10 foot booth size. With the amount of time we had left, we decided to take the one piece off the end, take it home and do surgery on it. We got done at about 9pm, an hour before our time was up!

We are beginning to book weddings for the 2010 summer season and I am excited about the brides and grooms that we will be capturing the memories for on their special day. I hope it is a busy wedding season for us.

Well, that's it for now. Back to work.