Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Oregon Zoo!

We spent a good portion of the day at the Oregon Zoo. Jose, Jovanna and I went to the zoo for a FACT (Families and Community Together) Resource Fair where I also had a table set-up for Oregon Family Support Network where I work. I had two families there with me to help share the time at the table so we could also spend time with our kids in the zoo. But, we had an unfortunate incident happen...a special needs group was doing a performance and a shoe slipped off a foot and high into the air where it hit a sprinkler and...well, the whole place is under water! Everyone had to evacuate the building. It happened about an hour or an hour and a half into the event. This is really unfortunate because there were some amazing resources there that families never got to see or hear about.

I haven't said anything yet, but Jose has been in and out of the hospital for the past two weeks. He had a very scary health situation where he was having severe muscle spasms and pain in his legs. We got some bloodwork done and it turned out his CPK was at 8047. This is supposed to be between 21 – 292. His ckmb results was 143. This is supposed to be between 0 - 5. His liver was in distress trying to deal with all the byproduct of the muscle damage going on. Over a period of a week, his numbers went back down to normal. We saw a specialist and they think he may have a muscle disease, possibly muscular dystrophy. We are very scared. We will have to begin to see some specialists to help us determine if this was just some freak incident or if this and some other muscular things that are happening with him are something serious and what is it. Today, the zoo was a bit of a test on how he is doing. About a week ago, if he did anything like riding his bike for 3 minutes, the muscle pain would start. He did well today though. He didn't have much muscle pain. That's good.

I am beginning to do a wee-lil bit of packing. I am too afraid to really go for it because it seems like I am so used to having the carpet pulled out from underneath me in my life that I am a bit nervous to jump right in and start packing up the house. I want to be sure that I'm not going to get a call about my loan and hear them say, "Ahhh...sorry but it's not going to work out". The most that I could bring myself to do is to start with something easy. Well, kind of. I decided to pack up my scrapbook stuff. I started by packing up my cricut. That was easy. It fit nicely into the box it came in just a few short months ago. So, tonight I am working on packing up my scrapbook table and supplies. It is easy because it is all in one place (well, in one general area). But it is hard because I really don't want to pack up my scrapbook stuff! I then have to admit and live with that I cannot scrap for several weeks, maybe a month or more. That's hard! But it is a place to start and as I become more secure then we will really start hitting it hard.

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