Friday, May 15, 2009

So, what's going on?

Well, I am so glad it's friday! Every Friday I text my son and say "tgif!!!" and he responds with the same. It is a ritual for us. That and our Wednesday "Happy Hump Day!" text to each other. Today, I was extra happy that it was Friday. My life has been just hoppin', I feel like I'm on a roller coaster and screaming inside "Let me off!".

We had our VA inspection on the new home two weeks ago and the VA inspector came back with some fixes he wanted made before he would sign off on the appraisal. They were a bunch of little things, actually not the things that we thought he would point out. They were little things but they also were things that required some sweat equity. We cleaned all the carpets in the house, repaired a tear in the kitchen linoleum under the refridgerator area, replaced the linoleum in the laundry room, tore out the front porch that had dry rot, tore out a section of the back deck that had dry rot, repaired a hole in the wall in the laundry room, removed a birds nesting area in an attached shed, cut some wood and adhered to the base of the attached shed door where the birds had created an entry, sprayed the roof for moss, a little bit of paint on the outside to cover some areas that were needing paint after removing the deck and front porch and then...removed all that wood from the porch and back deck off the property. I was sooooo exhausted after several days of all this work. We had to do it if we wanted the home sale to go through. We are already getting a great deal on the house and the bank wouldn't even consider putting anything more into the deal.

So, now we will go over to the house again for a bit this weekend and brush a little bit of dead moss off the roof and a few minor little touches to finish up the work we have done. We have requested a re-inspection and I hope that will happen quickly because our 45 days to close is now getting closer. I am not sure if we are still on target for closing by the end of the month or if the time is has taken to complete the repairs will push that out further or not. I should know after the re-inspection. I hope the VA inspector will respect the work we did and what we put into it and let this sale go through and not keep hitting us with more pidly little stuff.

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Lucy Chesna said...

good luck on your inspection