Saturday, January 12, 2008

Portland Bridal Show

In the Portland area today, we had our annual Portland Bridal Show. It is a very big deal here. My parents own a large wedding photography business and so this weekend is the launch of the new wedding season. I worked the booth with my dad today, handing out brochures, CD's, talking till I just about lost my voice. I am so exhausted! Wiped out! It was so nice to see my dad at the show though. You know, we came so close to losing him this summer and they didn't give him longer than 3 - 6 months to live and the end of the rainbow was one year. Well, we are approaching one year in a few months and he is still kickin'! He looked good today, strong and he was in a zone! It gave me great joy to watch him do what he loves most and the fact that he is still here and still loving it is everything. We took a picture of him at the booth but the only camera we could find was one of those disposable ones (LOL - we are professional photographers using disposables!), so when we get it back I will put his picture up.


rjones said...

those kind of shows are so tiring. It is wonderful to hear that your dad is doing so well.
too funny about the camera though..
and Carrie thank you for the love you left on my are such a wonderful lady!

zerry ht said...

Pleased to know about the Bridal show. I have searched various New York wedding venues online and hoping to book one in a couple of days for my brother’s wedding. Traditional theme would be the best idea and will be appreciated by everyone.