Friday, January 4, 2008

Blog Challenge

My new friend, Suzanne, at the Scrapdango Forum has challenged me! She is running a blog challenge and I will do my best to keep up with her:)

My favorite wall hanging in my home is this sweet lil' cow picture. I love, love, love cows! I have them everywhere! I don't exactly know why, but somehow they make me feel happy when I see my cow collections. For many years, that's what I got for Christmas and Birthdays...cow gifts because it was a sure thing I would like it. I collected such a collection that I needed another home to display and house all my cow paraphernalia.

I had to make a very hard decision when it was time in my life to downsize. I donated and gifted lots and lots of cows. I only kept a couple of my favorite moo moo's and this is one. I have no idea where I got it, sometime around 1995, but it is my favorite and it has lasted through three relationships, two kids, four moves and she's still with me.


Suzanne said...

Cows are cool! Love the art, very rustic americana... is that a style? LOL Thanks for playing Carrie! :-)

rjones said...

I love is so cute..we have gotten quite a collection of cows too, Patrick went through a spell of loving them and my aunt a granddad went crazy with it

Life is mootiful said...

Cows are the coolest.