Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well, it came on fast and it settled in my chest even faster. Sometime between Thursday and today, Sunday, I developed pneumonia. I think it was within 24 hours if you asked me because I had walking pneumonia once before in my mid-twenties and I remember what that felt like. This was very similar. They put me on some super strong medicine that is a 5 day mega antibiotic. Hopefully, that is all it will take because I'm supposed to sign on my new house on Tuesday and begin moving Wednesday or Thursday.

I was quite upset with Jovanna's father this weekend. He said he "fell out of a tree" and injured his back. It was his weekend with her and next week is his summer week with her. I tried calling him Friday and he didn't return my call and again on Saturday. So, Sunday, I packed her up and just drove her over. I love her dearly but I am so sick and he hasn't been doing his part lately.

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