Saturday, February 2, 2008

Where can you find good customer service these days?

It's so hard to find! I've just come to expect the poor customer service I run into everywhere I go. There are only a few places that I frequent where customer service hasn't diminished and of all the places ~ my local Hillsboro, OR USPS office. Now, I live closer to about three different USPS offices and I travel a much farther distance - about 8 miles - to do my shipping business at the Hillsboro location because the customer service is exceptional there. They are polite, fast and informative. Compare that to the customer service at the USPS office just one mile from my house and you feel like you want to strangle someone or something every time you are there. I make sure to pass on my kudos to the team there at the Hillsboro, OR USPS office every time I go. I have explained in detail to different members of the team there how far I travel and how many USPS offices I drive by just to do my business with them there. They say they hear that often. It doesn't surprise me. Have you experienced good customer service lately? Pass it on! Make sure you tell those who provide you will excellent customer service.

Psssttt! BTW, Scrapdango has exceptional customer service!


Suzanne said...

Excellent point! I need to remember to praise more often, rather than just complain, which is so much easier to do. :-(

Jackie said...

I always make sure to praise when I find good customer service. I give good service and I expect to recieve it :)

Regina said...

Excellent point..I am lucky that the USPS right by my house has wonderful service unlike the larger one in the next town down.

Scrapdango has WONDERFUL customer servie!!! Thanks Carrie!!