Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We are getting tired!

I always thought that it would be Jovanna that would be the death of me, but now I'm thinking it's gonna be this darn house! My body is so exhausted. There is still so much to do. We got most of the living room flooring in and we are heading down the hallway but we ran out of laminate flooring. I have to wait till I have a little extra money to buy the rest of what we need. We are taking a break for a few weeks because we are tired (and grumpy!). We are going camping this weekend for some R&R. We are going with our friends Emily and Arlo. Arlo and Jovanna have recently discovered each other...they are both eleven, both on the Autism Spectrum, both identical in so many ways - like two peas in a pod. They quite the romance developing right now. It is very cute to watch. I heard that they actually stole a first kiss with each other too!

I have a feeling that I'm in trouble if she is already kissing boys!

Here they are...

Notice how they are both barefoot? If you don't know much about children on the Autism Spectrum then you probably wouldn't understand the significance of that, but I assure you...the two of them together is quite significant!


Kandi said...

My hubby and I always get grumpy when we work on house projects together (well, really I'm the one that gets grumpy and he just deals with it).

Have a nice relaxing camping trip. Sounds fun!

KerrynF said...

Hope you enjoyed your time away Carrie. I can't believe how much work you have done and it is looking fabulous.
How cute the kids look together on the swing, hopefully they will help each other.